Five Questions To Ask A Jeweler

Avoid disappointment by asking the right questions.

Take the first steps toward finding the perfect diamond that suits your needs.

Take the first steps toward finding the perfect diamond that suits your needs.

These questions are designed to help you choose a jeweler whom you can trust. They are only a guide to get you started. If you would like some more ideas you are welcome to download our free guide to buying diamonds. It also has useful tips for diamond shopping online. Get it here.

When you first walk into a jewelery shop it helps to be armed with a few choice questions. These will help you identify a jeweler that will look after you.

1. How long has the jeweler been in business?

Make sure the jeweler has been operating for a decent amount of time and is not a pop-up trader. Two years should be an absolute minimum. This is also an important thing to check on if you are looking to buy from an online jeweler.

2. Can you view the diamond's certificate?

A diamond's grading certificate gives you all the pertinent information regarding the diamond's qualities. A jeweler should at the very least be willing to show you the grading certificate's number (for GIA graded diamonds) so you can cross check it online. Without a certificate you can easily walk away with something that is not what you think it is. If there is no documentation to back up the jeweler's claims then all you've got to go on is their word.

3. Do they offer a diamond loupe so you can view the diamond under magnification?

Once you've had a look at the diamond's grading certificate you can then look at the diamond up close to see that it is the same diamond as described on the report. If the grading certificate indicates that the diamond is laser inscribed then you can verify this with your own eyes.

4. What is the return policy?

You'll want to buy from a jeweler that offers a return policy that you feel comfortable with. It's nice to have at least 10 days to return the diamond for a full refund, should the need arise. Return policies vary between 7 days to 101 days, with a large proportion of jewelers giving a decent 30 day return policy. Just make sure you are aware of how long your jeweler's return policy is and that it suits your needs.

5. Is there a trained gemologist on the staff?

A trained gemologist won't need to resort to pushy sales tactics to try to sell you something. They are more likely to let the quality of the diamond sell itself by describing its attributes to you in terms you can understand. Gemologists really love quality work and are keen to see others sharing in the experience of owning such works of art and beauty.

Hopefully these pointers will help you find a jeweler that you feel comfortable dealing with. There are a few more things you can also inquire about such as buy back value, insurance, resizing, et cetera, which are all covered in our free book, The Complete Beginner's Guide To Diamond Engagement Rings.

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