Privacy Policy

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This Privacy Policy is detailed here to help you understand what data is collected and how it is used.


Analytics uses analytics to better understand how readers are using our site. This information is anonymous and relates information such as which pages were viewed and for how long.


Affiliate Links


Information on is provided to the public free of charge with the proviso that the viewers will use the links on when accessing any of the merchant websites that are reviewed here. This allows the merchants to understand where their traffic is coming from and forms part of the tracking process to allocate an advertisers fee if a sale is completed within a predetermined period of time as per the merchant’s terms and conditions. The IP addresses which form part of the merchant’s tracking process are not stored by Please refer to each respective merchant’s website for information on their use of cookies.


Email Privacy


The email addresses which make up our database mailing list are not stored on a home/personal computer. They are stored on the secure server at ( Subscribers will only receive email based on their subscription request. This is an opt-in only list. Each email that is sent out includes an unsubscribe option.