Tips For Buying Real Diamond Stud Earrings

By Thomas J Stevens GIA DG CSG - Last modified September 5, 2020
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Diamond Stud Earrings by Whiteflash

Diamond studs are pretty much an essential item when it comes to jewelry. They are a classic item that are one of the most versatile jewelry items.

Name any occasion and you can't say that jewelry studs aren't appropriate. Of course having said that there are diamond studs that are remarkable and there are diamond studs that are simply not. It all depends on getting the right diamonds.

The right cut and quality of diamond give you the sparkle you want, and will work with even the most understated of outfits. The perfect diamonds will enhance any outfit, and equally provide balance to a more elaborate getup.

When people buy a diamond engagement ring they often spend weeks obsessing over getting it just right. However when it comes to diamond studs people often assume that any pair of diamond studs is as good as the next.

This is a big mistake.

Grading Report

There are some important considerations that are worth keeping in mind when it comes to diamond studs. The way to get exactly what you expect is to buy diamond studs that have a diamond grading report for the diamonds.

It's the only way to guarantee that you are getting exactly what you are being sold. Absolutely insist on a diamond grading report, whether GIA, AGS, IGI or HRD.

The Most Important Factor: Cut

The most important of the 4 Cs whether you are choosing a diamond for an engagement ring or for a set of diamond studs is the cut. The 4C's just to remind you are: clarity, color, carat and cut. Diamond studs are more commonly chosen for their sparkle.

And any diamond that is being judged for sparkle needs to have an excellent cut. It's therefore worth investing your money in the best cut quality you can.

Ideal Color Range

And as far as color goes, something in the H-J range is a good idea. The clarity grades many people aim for when choosing diamond studs is somewhere between SI1 and VS1, but this you can judge for yourself.

Choosing a Shape

The shape of the diamonds is something you are going to have to pick out before you begin your search. Round brilliant cut is popular and looks great, as does the princess cut both of which are popular choices.

Ideal cut diamonds

For ideal cut diamonds you may want to check out the internationally acclaimed A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal diamonds. They are lised at Whiteflash in pairs ready to be set in stud earrings.

This will guarantee that your studs will stand out and be something truly special.


When it comes to settings, getting to know the benefits of each different style is well worth you time. Bezel settings are more contemporary, while a four or six pronged setting is more traditional. Most diamond stud earrings have either three or four prongs. Occasionally you might come across eight prong settings, but these are relatively uncommon.

The greater the number of prongs, the greater level of security to the diamond is afforded. Mind you it does also mean a little less diamond is visible. You don't want to hide too much of the diamond by covering it with too many prongs.

Whichever style you choose, the setting is something that really enables you to add a touch of your own personal style to your jewelry.

The most popular setting according to many jewelers is the martini setting, which uses three prongs and a profile that is more flush to the ear than other settings. The prongs come out of a cone-like shape so that the diamond is set close to the ear. The name martini comes from the shape of a martini glass.

Another type of setting is the basket setting. This gets its name because it holds the diamond as if in a basket and positions the diamond just a bit further away from the earlobe itself than the martini setting.

If you are looking for something more contemporary, a bezel setting surrounds the diamond, keeping it secure, but again, providing less of the actual diamond on display.

While earring backings are seldom seen, most women have a personal preference as to what feels comfortable and secure against their earlobe.

Friction backs are quite popular as they are easy to slide on and off the post. The down side is that they are more easily lost.

Screw backs are another alternative and they offer more security. The down side with these is that the posts themselves tend to be thicker. All in all it's a pretty reasonable tradeoff. This gives you more peace of mind, considering the value of the earrings.

What Metal to Choose

Platinum and white gold are a great choice as are yellow and rose gold. A maximum of 18K gold is recommended, as any higher than this and the metal is too soft. Soft metal wears too quickly if you to wear them regularly, as you'll definitely want to.

A long lasting treasure

Whether you are looking for a gift, or perhaps you want to treat yourself, diamond earrings are a tradition that has stood the test of time. The lucky recipient will enjoy them today, tomorrow, and who knows may even even pass them along to subsequent generations to enjoy, love, and be proud of.

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